The front clip is finally off the Chevelle!

Man.. I have to say just getting the front clip off has really taken a lot longer than I would have thought.. To be honest, I could have had this done in a few days, but there are the other demands of life.. (In case you dont know what they are, that would be a wonderful family!)

Back on toping however, the front clip is finally removed.. What I did find was some serious rust in the body tub, just behind the rust in the LH fender. You can see it in the pic above. So far I think this little area of rot is really going to be the biggest hurdle I am going to have to overcome on this project.. (and by that I mean it is going to challenge my fabrication skills the most)

It really does not look like much, but, the rot goes clean through. And there are a lot of complex bends.

The other GM A bodies I have built, and done body work to, or helped out with, never had rot in this spot.. I am going to look for a patch panel.. I am hoping some company makes one as it will save a good weekend of fab work..

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