The Chevelle teardown continues!

So I am continuing tearing the Chevelle down.. And I unfortunately had to put the tools away because it was time for Caiden’s nap; the impact wrench and cutoff wheel are a bit loud.

Anyway, I figured it would be a good time to take a step back and ponder the details I have not thought of.. And the first one that came to mind while looking over where I am, is the gap behind the doors.. For its day, this was the norm.. But me, I’d rather tighten this gap up, to say 1/8 inch. (remember there will be weather strips behind to door to seal the air leaks.. So this is strictly a cosmetic discussion) Closing that gap will require metal work, and a fair amount of it, I’d have to guess a good weekends worth of work.

So I ask those in my friends list, would you invest the time to make this gap a whole lot tighter? I’m thinking I will..

My wife’s cousin just posted on Facebook that I should go suicide.. It was a thought I had a one time.. But I think it’s time to revive that thought process.. I really have never seen a 68 Chevelle with suicide doors..

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